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As baking and decorating is balanced with my full time job (not in the baking industry) I do not initially advertise my phone number or address - but please don't hesitate to contact me via email and I will provide contact details at that time;

Please note that the kitchen, is registered through the City of Casey for health and safety purposes and

IC Sugar is a listed Australian Business.

ABN:  83 415 547 224

Please find below, my "terms and conditions", some facts and general information.

 I have tried to cover most questions but if you have something else I haven't covered please send me a message


All of my cakes are one of a kind, designed especially for you and your special event. I don't have a catalogue of designs to chose from, rather, I prefer to work with you using a range of ideas, pictures and samples to create something that is unique.

Creating a design in itself can take time, often meaning that many text messages/emails will be exchanged. Or if you don't have to time, I am happy to create something for you. 

My only request is that you do not ask me to copy another artists work. I am happy to take ideas but I will not recreate something exactly. I will not guarantee an exact match.

I reserve the right to an artistic license and where a request is not achievable or looks out of place, I may amend it to suit the theme. 


I don't have a set range of cakes flavours and will consider most requests, however, some designs are more suited to certain cake styles than others. 


For example: most of my painted or sculptured cakes can't be refrigerated so I will not be able to work with sponge cakes or any other cake that have cream or soft fillings. Therefore, these cakes will be made using something more substantial such as mud cake, fruit cake, banana cake etc

Most of my cake fillings are white or dark chocolate ganache that can be flavored. 

For those who love a buttercream iced cake, I can assist with these as well. These as softer and can be filled with buttercream or ganache. They do not tolerate hot weather so need to stay cool in Summer. Decorations are limited with these cakes though (please let me know up front if you would like a buttercream cake) 

Order Time

Due to combining my day job with cakes, I am unable to take cakes at short notice. This means that I am often booked well in advance. As I very much prefer quality over quantity I will not take on anything that requires more time than I can comfortably commit to (I don't want to be hurrying your cake).


For example, If you would love a 4 tier Harry Potter Cake or a three tier fully hand painted cake which can take 20 - 30 hours I would only do one of these each fortnight.


If you have something unusual, unique, or creative then the more notice the better.


Thank you for your understanding 


Either pick up for delivery is okay but I am not available for deliveries during weekdays.

If it is a weekday event then pick up is preferred: however I am happy to work with you for the most suitable mutual arrangement. 

FYI:  Fresh flower cakes can only be done for a Saturday or Sunday upon request.

Delivery is a minimum charge of $50 but will vary depending on distance.


Majority of my cake prices consist of labour so the more time painting or creating small details will add to the cost. Many of my cakes take 10 - 30 hours from consultation to baking, final decoration then delivery if required. Some take longer then this. The prices below are your basic starting costs so for example:

If you wanted a double height hand painted cake with a full scene this would be $220 + 10 hours of labor at a minimum which is around $300.  So your cake could cost around $500. However,  Please feel free to contact me and I am happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote. As a guide these are your basic starting prices below: 

Single Tier :$140+, 

2 Tier $220+

3 Tier $400+

4 Tier $650+

5 Tier $950+

3D Cakes start from $280+ 


Buttercream and fresh flower cake are less then the prices above but you will need to cater for my decoration and delivery time on the day of the event as these cakes can't be delivered early

Process, Deposit and Terms 

To start the process I would love some idea of what you would like. A photo or two of something that appeals to you would be wonderful. I can work with you on the basic size and style so this will involve a few emails. When we are happy that we have something that works for you, I will send you a formal quote with terms and conditions. This is no obligation - but if you wish to proceed a formal invoice will be sent to you.


Should you like to book your cake with me, a 10% deposit is required if the event is more than 6 months out and a further 20% four weeks prior. If the cake is booked closer to the date than 30% will be required.


Final payment is required 1 week prior to the event and must clear via Paypal before delivery of the cake. Other options are cash on delivery or cash on pickup.


Some basic terms and conditions:

a) If the cake is cancelled: -

  • More than three weeks before the event a full refund is available

  • Two weeks before the event 2/3 of the deposit is returned

  • One week before the event no refund is provided 

b) If the cake is not paid for prior to the event of there is no cash on delivery I will not leave the cake at the venue.

c) There is no refund on any cake that has been delivered to an event

COVID Policy

Wow - how our life has changed over the last year!! Unfortunately this has caused significant disruption to how we live and what we do: - and of course events that we have planned. One minute we are planning a wonderful occasion and the next - it is cancelled - I understand - my daughter's wedding was cancelled twice.   

If you book a cake with me and you are affected by a lockdown, I will do my best to ensure your loss is minimised. As I am not a large shop I would be able to offer a majority refund on any event that has been cancelled due to a government declared lockdown. 


If the lockdown was declared more than one week before the event I will only retain what ingredients have cost me (at cost price) that I am unable to reuse - around 5% depending on the cake type. If the lockdown has been declared once the cake has been baked I will do my best to freeze the cake and see what can be retained. I will work with you on this - as we may be able to reuse and reschedule. If the cake has been completed I will retain the 30% deposit only. 

Please be assured that I will do my best to work with you should this unfortunate event occur.

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