Facts and Other Info

Most of my cakes are unusual - and I hope, wonderful pieces of art that will be the talking point of your event. I take great delight in designing, decorating, painting something that will create a smile.

Important Information

Making cakes is a joy and I love what I do, however, baking and decorating is balanced with my full-time job (not in the baking industry).

Therefore I do not initially advertise my phone number or address - but please don't hesitate. to contact me via email and I will provide contact details at that time;


Please note that the kitchen, is registered through the City of Casey for health and safety purposes and I C Sugar is a listed Australian Business.

ABN:  83 415 547 224


Please find below, my "terms and conditions", some facts and general information. I have tried to cover most questions but if you have something else that I haven't listed please feel free to send me an email. ​