Facts and Other Info

Most of my cakes are unusual - and I hope, wonderful pieces of art that will be the talking point of your event. I take great delight in designing, decorating, painting something that will create a smile.


Making cakes is a joy and I love what I do, however, baking and decorating is balanced with my full-time job (not in the baking industry).

Therefore I do not advertise my phone number or address. I am happy to provide this information to my customers once an order has been placed:


Please note that the kitchen, is registered through the City of Casey for health and safety purposes and I C Sugar is a listed Australian Business.

ABN:  83 415 547 224


Please find below, my "terms and conditions", some facts and general information. I have tried to cover most questions but if you have something else that I haven't listed please feel free to send me an email. ​


This is a hard one as the time it takes to make a cake is mostly labor. Most of my cakes take 10 - 30 hours from baking to the final decoration. Some are more than this. Depending on the amount of work it will usually be $30 - $40 per hour + costs of materials. Please feel free to contact me and I am happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote.


-Everything is one of a kind, custom designed for you.

-Each cake has some time spent on it just in the design stage.

-No two cakes are the same. 

-If you ask me to copy something, I will do my best but I am unable to guarantee an exact match

-I am happy to work with various pictures and patterns to come up with a design that is uniquely yours. 

-I reserve the right to artistic license and where a request is not achievable or looks out of place, I may amend it to better suit the theme.  


- I don't have a set range of cakes flavors but will consider most requests, however, some designs are more suited to certain cake styles than others.

-I don't bake sponge cakes or any other cake or filling that requires refrigeration (Unfortunately no cream or soft fillings)

- All of my cakes fillings are white or dark chocolate ganache that can be flavored. 


-I can deliver, however, pick-up is preferred.

-If delivery is required, it is charged in addition to the cost of the cake and is subject to the time and distance of the destination.

-Deliveries are not available on a weekday but an evening can be arranged for an event the following day. However this can change from time to time, so please feel free to ask if you have a special request.

-Fresh flower cakes for a Sunday are only considered upon request.

-Delivery is a minimum charge of $30 but will vary depending on distance.



I require a minimum of three weeks notice and am often booked many weeks in advance, so the earlier the better, however, please do not hesitate to ask if you have a question.



-Confirmation of an order requires a 30% deposit with the final payment due 7 days prior to the event. If final payment is not received 7 days prior then the order will be automatically cancelled (cash upon delivery is ok). 

-There is no refund of the deposit if the order is cancelled less than 7 days before the event.

-If the cake is cancelled prior to the 7 days, then 50% of the deposit will be returned to you.

-I am unable to leave a cake at a reception without full payment.

I will endeavor to match a design and color but please be aware that materials can vary as does the artist’s individual technique. This may give a different feel to a cake – so please review my gallery to ensure you are happy. No refund is provided if you do not like the cake. 

No refund is provided if any part of the cake is eaten.