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About Me

Hi, my name is Sue and the first cake I ever made was my own wedding cake in the early nineties. It was 2 square fruitcakes, on separate stands and simple (unrefined) sugar flowers!! How things have changed!


But, the simple wedding cake started a twenty + year obsession that led to the registration of my own business in the 90's then my own shop around 2003. The shop was busy and for 3 years, we baked and decorated thousands of wedding, birthday and special occasion cakes. It was a lot of fun but it was also difficult juggling a business, three kids, and a household. Eventually the 7 day a week work took its toll and I sold the shop and moved back to my previous career in Insurance.

However, the passion for a creative outlet has meant that I haven’t entirely given up sculpting, baking and decorating. I have maintained and learned new skills over time and have enjoyed the vast array of different products and techniques being used now.

Unlike the early nineties, we now have the internet, YouTube and lots of different media channels to learn new ideas. It is incredibly exciting to see what other people are doing around the world and this has given me renewed enthusiasm.


The photos above and below are a small sample of the work we completed many years ago (I've left out the hundreds of photos of the older cakes taken with a non-digital camera – where you drop of a roll of film at Kodak and wait anxiously for the results. They are often blurry and do not present well in a digital format)


Looking at these old photos, it seems, gold, buttercream, lots of piping and pillars was the theme.


It seems my style has changed considerably since this time which I'm happy about :)