Social Media

Started displaying my cakes on social media only six months ago and am so excited about how well they have been received.


At this stage I only use Instagram and YouTube, however my more recent cakes have been displayed on and subsequently on Pinterest 


You can find my cakes on Pinterest simply by searching my name - Sue Deeble.



Many of these cakes have hundreds of Pins on Pinterest.

I have also been fortunate that a number of my cakes have received the honour of daily top 3 on Cakes Decor.

In the month of December, my boat cake was distributed to 100,000 readers in the Club Marine quarterly magazine.


I recently had the unexpected honour of being nominated as the "cake decorator of the week" on

With so many talented Cake Decorators, this was a surprise and delight. 

You can find my nomination on




Decorator of the Week

Club Marine Magazine

I was recently honored by having a two page spread in the most recent magazine. It was a pleasure to be involved in this wonderful magazine